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Charging Up Employee Morale: The Benefits of a Phone Charging Station

The Benefits of a Phone Charging

Employee morale is a crucial factor in the success of any business. Happy and engaged employees are more productive, have better attendance, and are more likely to provide excellent customer service. One way to improve employee morale is by offering a phone charging service.

When employees are at work, their smartphones are often an important tool for staying connected to the outside world and staying on top of their workload. However, they can be a major distraction if they run out of phone battery power with no charger. As a result, employees may become stressed and anxious if their phone dies, which can lead to a decrease in morale.

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A phone charger solution is an amenity that can help prevent this situation by providing a convenient way for employees to keep their phones charged during the workday. It's a small investment that can make a big difference in the daily lives of your employees. This can be as simple as providing a few outlets to plug a charger cord in a central location, or it can involve more sophisticated solutions such as charging stations with multiple outlets, USB ports, wireless chargers, lockers, charging kiosks, or stations with portable chargers. Many businesses already offer this service to employees.

Not only does this help keep employees' phones powered up, but it also sends a message that the company cares about their well-being and is willing to invest in their comfort and convenience. This can help improve morale and foster a sense of community among employees.

In addition to the benefits for employees, a phone charger service can also benefit the company as a whole. For example, it can reduce the number of interruptions and distractions caused by employees' dead phones. This can lead to increased productivity and a more focused work environment.

It can also help the company's bottom line. By providing a convenient way for employees to keep their smartphones charged, the company can reduce the amount of time employees spend away from their desks looking for outlets or charging their smartphones. This can lead to increased productivity and cost savings.

improve morale and foster a sense of community among employees

Here are a few key benefits of a phone charging station

1. Convenience: a hassle-free way for employees to keep their mobile devices charged and ready to use while on the go.

2. Employee satisfaction: Providing portable phone chargers can show employees that the company cares about their needs and is willing to invest in their comfort and convenience.

3. Productivity: A charged phone can help employees stay connected and productive, allowing them to respond to emails, calls, and other work-related tasks quickly and efficiently.

4. Security: Portable phone chargers are locked and secured to prevent theft or damage, reducing the risk of lost or stolen data.

5. Cost savings: Portable phone chargers can help employees avoid the need to purchase and replace charging cables or batteries, potentially saving the company money in the long run.

6. Environmental benefits: Portable phone chargers can help reduce the use of cables and power banks, reducing the environmental impact of the office. Here is, for example, how we do it at Electron-to-Go.

Another potential benefit of phone chargers is improved customer service. When employees' phones are charged and working properly, they are more likely to be able to respond to customer inquiries and concerns in a timely and efficient manner. This can help build customer loyalty and improve the overall reputation of the company.

The benefits of a phone charging station

There are many different ways to implement charger in the workplace

The most important thing is to consider the needs and preferences of employees and to choose a solution that is convenient, reliable, and easy to use.

One option is to provide a few outlets in a central location, such as a break room or kitchen. This allows employees to charge their phones while they take a break or grab a snack. It can also be helpful to have a sign or other indication of where the outlets are located so that employees can easily find them when needed.

Another option is to invest in commercial phone charging stations such as:

  • Charging dock stations with multiple outlets and USB ports: These can be placed strategically throughout the workplace in the "charging area". Dock stations can be especially helpful for employees with multiple mobile devices that need to be charged, such as a phone (like iPhone, Samsung with USB-c or any USB charging), tablet, apple watch, earbuds, and laptop. Employees have to bring cords and USB cables.
  • Charging kiosk: These portable charging stations are portable and can be easily moved to different locations in the workplace as needed. They can be especially helpful for offices with a flexible or open layout, where employees may not have a dedicated workspace.
  • Multi-device Locker: To use a locker, an employee typically inserts their phone into the locker and locks it with a key or a code. The phone is then charged while it is securely stored in the locker.
  • Self-serve smart portable charger station: This commercial charging stations offer portable chargers that allow employees to easily and quickly charge their devices while on the go without worrying about finding outlets or purchasing and maintaining their chargers. This is a fully automated solution that is controlled by software. Users can use an app to check out charged and ready-to-go chargers with built-in cables. The software will notify users when the charger needs to be returned to the station, and provides reports to help businesses track usage and monitor performance. Requires minimal effort to manage and maintain, and is offered by many businesses. This station can also help reduce cable clutter and improve the appearance of the workplace. There are different options floor stand, countertop charging station, or wall mounted phone charging station. Employees don't need to buy and maintain extra cords since portable chargers have a built-in charging cable. This solution may work well for guests of your office that can rent a mobile battery to stay charged. 
  • Wireless charging stations: These stations use wireless technology to charge devices without the need for cables or plugs. Wireless chargers can be perfect for employees with fast wireless charging-enabled devices. Charging performance varies depending on the user's device. Some do have fast charge some don't.

For more detailed tips, check our guide "How to choose the right phone charging station for business."

Different Types of phone charging station

When choosing a cell phone charging station for business, it's important to consider the needs and preferences of employees, as well as the layout and design of the workplace. The best option will depend on the specific needs and circumstances of the office. And keep in mind charging speed

In addition to providing outlets and charging stations, it can also be helpful to establish a few ground rules for the use of chargers. For example, employees may be asked to limit their charging time to 30 minutes or an hour to avoid congestion and ensure that everyone has a chance to use the service. It can also be helpful to provide clear instructions on how to use the charging stations to prevent damage to the equipment or to employees' devices. For example, Electron-to-Go self-service charging station is fully automated. It recharges, manages the chargers, reminds users to return in time so others can use them, and allows you to track usage. 

Overall, providing phone chargers can be a simple and effective way to improve employee morale and productivity. By providing a convenient way for employees to keep their phones charged, the company can show its commitment to their well-being and can help create a more focused and engaged work environment.

To learn more about our Electron-to-Go charging station and how it can benefit your employees and your business, visit our web page.