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Phone Charging Station as an Amenity for Coworking Spaces: Industrious Use Case

Phone Charging Station as an Amenity for Coworking Spaces

In today's world, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They keep us connected to our work, family, and friends. However, as the day progresses, our phone batteries drain out, causing anxiety and interruptions. This is where phone charging stations come in.

Coworking spaces offer a range of amenities to attract and retain members, including high-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, coffee, and meeting rooms. However, one amenity that is often overlooked but is increasingly essential in today's world is the cell phone charging station. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of phone charging stations as an amenity for coworking spaces and highlight the use case of Electron-to-Go, at Industrious.

Electron at INDUSTRIOUS Post Office Square Boston
Electron at INDUSTRIOUS Post Office Square Boston

The Benefits of Phone Charging Stations in Coworking Spaces

Improve Member Experience

The primary benefit of phone charging stations in coworking spaces is that it improves the member experience. Most people today rely heavily on their smartphones for communication, work, and entertainment. A low battery or a dead phone can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, particularly in a work setting. Coworking spaces can alleviate this stress and provide peace of mind to their members by providing access to phone charger stations. It's a backup solution like an SOS button in case members need to go and their phone is dying, or they forgot cables at home.

“Our community noticed a scarcity of power outlets throughout the common space. Electron has been very effective and impactful for members of Industrious Post Office Square Boston! ” - INDUSTRIOUS Post Office Square Boston.

Industrious quote phone charging stations

Increase Member Retention

Phone charging service as an amenity in coworking space can increase member retention. Our Electron-to-go phone charging station was one of the most utilized amenities in a coworking space in Osaka, Japan. We saw incredible retention, with 50% of users returning to use it again. This trend was replicated at Industrious coworking spaces in the US. Where half of the users who used Electron returned to use it again and again and again. Our service got an NPS score of 82%, confirming customer satisfaction. Another interesting insight we gained is that members of coworking used all the different cable chargers, Apple, Type-C, and Micro USB, which indicates they used Electron battery to charge other devices such as wireless headsets.

By providing phone charging stations as an amenity, coworking spaces can create a sticky factor that encourages members to renew their memberships. It can also attract new members who are looking for a workspace that offers convenient and practical amenities.

Electron-to-go phone charging station increase customer satisfaction

Free Up Your Employees

Another benefit of providing phone charging stations as an amenity in coworking space is that it can free your employees from constant charger requests. This can be especially helpful if your space has a high volume of members who frequently need charging options. By providing a dedicated self-serve solution, your employees can focus on their other responsibilities and not have to worry about keeping track of chargers or dealing with requests for them. This can help improve efficiency and productivity within your co-working space.

Popular Types of Commercial Phone Charging Stations

There are many different types of commercial charging stations for smartphones on the market today. Some of the most popular types include:

  1. Multiple Outlet and USB Charging Docks: These stations provide multiple charging options for multiple devices at once. They come with various types of USB ports and can be placed in designated charging areas. Users will need to bring their own cables.
  2. Charging Locker: To use a mobile phone charging locker, an employee inserts their phone into the locker and locks it with a key or a code. The phone is then charged while it is securely stored in the locker. Some may include software to monitor availability and usage.
  3. Wireless Charging: These stations allow for easy charging by placing the device on the pad, eliminating the need for cables. The charging performance of wireless chargers varies depending on the device, and some may have fast charging capabilities.
  4. Self-Serve Portable Charger Station like our Electron-to-Go: This is a fully automated solution that is controlled by software. Users can use an app to check out charged and ready-to-go portable battery phone chargers with built-in cables. The software will notify users when the charger needs to be returned to the station and provides reports to help businesses track usage and monitor performance. This solution requires minimal maintenance and can be self-service, it can free up staff to focus on other tasks, leading to better efficiency and productivity. Especially beneficial for workspaces with a flexible or open layout, where members may not have a dedicated workspace.

We created a questionnaire that will save you time and help to identify what you need by answering just five questions: "Questionnaire: find a suitable phone charging solution".

How Electron-to-Go Phone Charging Station works


In conclusion, phone charging stations are an essential amenity for coworking spaces in today's world. It improves the member experience, increases member retention, and frees up employees. It is a small investment that can benefit the members and the coworking space significantly.

Electron-to-go charging stations are an excellent solution if you're looking for a phone charging station for your coworking space. Contact us today to learn more.