Mobile power to go

After years of struggling with low-power phones and never having enough chargers for everyone in a room, we decided to design a charger
to be shared.

Meet Electron-to-Go

A wall station + powerbanks that are always charged, useable anywhere and know where they are and who has them.


Autonomous power stations

7 Electron on locked

Expandability: connect
as many Supernovas as
needed to each other

Magic light: wave a hand
near Supernova and it
shows the most charged Electron


Portable battery

Built in cable: Apple
and Type-C USB

Capacity: enough
to fully charge most

Suction cup for
convenient hand held use

How it works


We setup Supernova
in your venue


User gets Electron
and charges phone


You monitor use through
our Dashboard


We control return of Electrons from users and repair or replace lost/broken batteries

No counter space is required! Supernova becomes a pleasant aesthetic on available wall space

“This is more than just another power bank. Of course it's simple, easy to use, intuitive and elegant but it's also designed as an interior product. Even though it's designed for the pocket on the go it will make any space look beautiful.”

Oivind Alexander Slaatto
Designer of Supernova and Electron

Our mission is smart consumption and the elimination of charging accessories through shareable, repairable, recyclable Electrons


How many Supernova does your venue need?

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