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How to choose the right phone charging station for your business

How to choose the right phone charging station for your business

As phones become increasingly integral to our daily lives, it's no surprise that companies are taking notice of the benefits of providing phone charging solutions for their employees, customers, or guests. Nine out of ten phone users have low-battery anxiety.

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which commercial phone charging station will best meet the needs of your space. In this blog, we'll provide tips on choosing the right phone charging station for your business.

First, identify your users' specific needs and preferences, as well as the available budget

Things to consider when assessing your needs:

1. Capacity.  The number of people who will be using the cell phone charging station. Choose a charging station with enough ports to accommodate the number of users you expect at peak times.

2. Compatibility. The types of devices that will be charged. Choose a charging station that is compatible with the mobile devices that your users will be charging.  A charging station with a mix of different connectors, such as Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C, would be a good option that will cover 99.9% of use cases. With a Micro-USB and USB-C, they will also be able to charge their wireless headset.

3. Usage. The number of time users will spend at the charging station: Choose a mobile phone charging with fast-charging technology. It will allow you to charge more users faster with less equipment. Or you may consider portable chargers, small, lightweight devices that users can carry with them and use to charge their devices on the go.

identify your needs phone charging station for business

Once you have a clear idea of your needs, start researching your options

Key usability factors to keep in mind:

  • An effort to manage: Choose a commercial charging that requires minimal effort to manage and maintain. Self-serve smart charging stations are a great option. For example, you could install it in your office lobby, waiting room, or break room so that employees and guests can easily use it without needing assistance from staff.
  • Ease of use: Choose a charging station with clear, simple instructions ( large, easy-to-read label ) and intuitive controls. Consider the technical proficiency of your users when selecting a charging station.  Ensure that the charging stations can be found and are easily accessible.
  • Speed: In today's fast-paced business environment, it's important to choose a mobile charging that offers fast charging speeds. For example, you could choose a charging station that uses USB-C or other fast-charging technology so that your employees charge their mobile phones quickly.
  • To-Go or Fixed: To-Go charging solutions are portable and convenient for users on the go but may have limited ports and require users to return them to the station to recharge. Fixed solutions are stationary and may be more suitable for users in a single location but less for users on the go and require more space and maintenance. Examples of fixed options include desktop, wall-mounted, and freestanding charging stations.

usability factors phone charging station for business

Product quality factors:

  •  Durability and reliability:  It should be built to last, with high-quality components and robust construction. Consider the environment in which it will be used. If your space has a lot of foot traffic or the charging station will be placed in a high-traffic area, you'll want to choose a sturdy station built to withstand frequent use.
  • Customer support: Look for mobile charging stations from a company that offers reliable and responsive customer support. You may also want to check for customer reviews and ratings to see how well the company handles customer service issues.
  • Warranty: Consider the warranty offered by different vendors. A more extended warranty can provide added peace of mind and protection for your investment. Alternatively, you can choose a Hardware-as-a-service option in which the vendor takes care of everything, including maintenance, support, and replacement of end-of-life equipment. This option provides flexibility and peace of mind.

product quality factors phone charging station for business

Trustworthiness factors:

  • Safety: Make sure everything meets all relevant safety standards and regulations. Choose a portable charging station that has been tested and certified, and consider purchasing additional insurance to protect your investment.
  • Security: Choose a charging station with security features to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. If your office handles sensitive information or data, consider charging products with secure storage for devices or power banks that can be used on the go.
  • Brand and reputation: Consider the brand recognition and reputation, and choose one that aligns with your own. For example, if your company prioritizes sustainability, choose a portable phone charging station made from recycled materials or designed to be disassembled, repaired, and reused. Learn how we reduce e-waste and promote sustainability at Electron-to-Go.

trustworthiness factors phone charging station for business

Form factors:

  • Design: the charging station should fit seamlessly into your space and complement your decor. Look for one that is both functional and attractive, with a sleek and modern design. For example, you could choose a solution with a minimalist design that won't clash with your office's existing aesthetic.
  • Size and shape: consider the size and shape of the charging station, and make sure it will fit in the designated space without taking up too much room or blocking access to other areas. For example, if you have limited space in your office, you may choose a compact portable phone charger station that can be mounted on a wall or tucked into a corner.
  • Installation type: Consider a mount that fits your environment. 
  • Countertop charging stations: These are small, compact cell phone charging stations designed to be placed on a desk or other flat surface. Tabletop phone chargers typically have a few charging ports and may include cable management.
  • Freestanding charging stations: Designed to be placed on the floor and can accommodate multiple users at once. It can be easily moved to different locations in the workplace as needed. 
  • Wall mounted phone charging stations: Designed to be mounted on a wall. Doesn't take up valuable floor space.

form factors phone charging station for business

Expense and performance:

  • Cost: Choose a charging station that offers a good balance of features, performance, and value for the price. When comparing prices, consider the long-term costs of maintenance and repair.  If you don't want to own the equipment, choose a Hardware-as-a-service option to pay a monthly fee for a self-service, turn-key solution that includes the equipment, support, maintenance, repair, and software.
  • Reports: Look for solutions with advanced reporting capabilities to track usage and monitor performance. These can help measure the value of the charging station and determine if it meets your business's and users' needs.

Expense and performance poster

Once you have considered your needs and key features, you can explore some of the popular phone charging options on the market. Look for products designed to meet your specific needs, and read reviews and testimonials from other users to get a sense of their performance and reliability.

Some popular mobile phone charging stations for businesses to consider

  • Charging dock stations with multiple outlets and USB ports: These allow multiple devices to be charged simultaneously using USB cables. Come with a variety of USB port types. They can be placed strategically throughout the workplace in the "charging area." Users have to bring their cords.
  • Charging kiosks:  They may have many charging docks and may include additional features, such as built-in seating or power outlets for other devices. It can be placed in a central location, such as a reception area, or break room, for easy access by employees and guests.
  • Multi-device Locker. To use a mobile phone charging locker, an employee typically inserts their phone into the locker and locks it with a key or a code. The phone is then charged while it is securely stored in the locker. Some may include software to monitor availability and usage.
  • Self-serve smart portable charger station: This is a fully automated solution that is controlled by software. Users can use an app to check out charged and ready-to-go portable battery phone chargers with built-in cables. The software will notify users when the charger needs to be returned to the station and provides reports to help businesses track usage and monitor performance. This solution requires minimal effort to manage and maintain and is offered by many businesses. They can be beneficial for offices with a flexible or open layout, where employees may not have a dedicated workspace.
  • Wireless charging station: These allow devices to be charged simply by placing them on the pad. This eliminates the need for cables. Charging performance varies depending on the user's device. Some do have fast charge some don't.

popular mobile phone charging stations for businesses

After you've considered these factors and researched your options, it's time to present your findings to your team and make a decision. Consider conducting a trial or pilot program with a small group of users to test the charging station and gather feedback before making a final decision.

You can make an informed decision by taking the time to assess your needs, research your options, and consider the factors discussed above. To ensure that your choice meets the needs of your business and your users, which can significantly impact the convenience and satisfaction of your employees and customers. 

To learn more about our Electron-to-Go charging station and our offering, visit our web page.