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Benefits of Phone Charging Stations for Hospitals: Lessons from Our Experience at Intermountain Medical Center

Benefits of Cell Phone Charging Stations for Hospitals

The use of mobile devices has become an essential tool for communication, access to information, and entertainment in our daily lives, including in hospital settings. No wonder phone charging stations have become increasingly popular in public areas. One area where they are especially useful is in  healthcare institution. Cell phone charging stations have practically become a necessity in hospitals, where patients and their loved ones spend long hours waiting for appointments, treatments, tests, or recovering from illnesses.

We at Electron-to-Go as a provider have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of our product on patients, visitors, and healthcare staff. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of phone charging stations for hospitals and share how our experience at Intermountain Medical Center has shown the importance of providing charging services to patients and their families.

Benefits of phone charging stations for hospitals

1. Convenience: Hospitals can be stressful and tiring places to be. Waiting for long periods of time can be even more challenging when your phone is out of battery. Or some are worried about using the phone too much to preserve the battery if they need to do an important call. With a hospital phone charging station available, patients, staff, and visitors can charge their phones while they wait to access social media or other entertainment options. This makes the waiting experience more convenient and less stressful.

2. Improved Communication: In hospitals, it is essential to stay connected. Patients need to communicate with family and friends, and hospital staff need to communicate with each other. When phones are charged, communication is easier and more reliable.

3. Access to important health-related information: A charged phone can help patients access important health information, such as medical records and test results.

4. Increased Patient Satisfaction: Providing phone chargers in hospitals and medical is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction. Patients and visitors appreciate the convenience of being able to charge their phones while they wait. This can lead to positive feedback and improved ratings for the hospital.

5. Reduced burden on hospital staff and increased efficiency: "We get constant requests for phone chargers, and it was starting to consume a lot of our time." - Nurse, IM. By providing phone chargers to patients and their families, healthcare institutions can free up valuable time of their staff, which can be used for other important tasks. This can ultimately improve the efficiency of hospital operations and save money in the long run. Also, patients with charged phones may be less likely to bother hospital staff with unnecessary questions or concerns, leading to a smoother hospital experience for both patients and staff.

Benefits of phone charging stations for hospitals

Role of the cell phone charging station in emergency rooms

A cell phone charging station in the emergency room is particularly important because patients may arrive unprepared and need a charger. This can leave them feeling stranded, disconnected from the outside world, and in some cases, unprepared to handle a medical emergency.

Having access to a charged phone can provide a sense of relief and comfort to patients and their loved ones. It allows them to stay connected with each other and with their support networks. Which is especially important during times of crisis. It also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing a distraction from the reality of the hospital environment.

Moreover, having charged phones can also remove extra burdens on hospital staff. When patients and their loved ones are occupied with their phones, they are less likely to be seeking the attention of the hospital staff for non-medical reasons. This means the staff can focus on providing quality care to those who need it most without being distracted by unnecessary questions or requests.

Role of the cell phone charging station in emergency rooms

Insights from Intermountain Medical Center

Our experience providing Electron-to-Go grab-and-go portable chargers at the Intermountain Medical Center has been enlightening. Here are some insights we gained:

1. High Customer Satisfaction: Our portable phone charger stations are incredibly popular, with a Net Promoter Score of 82%. This indicates an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.

2. Popular Charging Cable Types: 73% of customers used Apple lightning. 14% used USB Type-C. And only 1% used Micro USB. Additionally, 15% of customers used two different types of cables (Lightning and Type-C), indicating they charged different types of devices.

3. Staff Usage: Surprisingly our portable chargers were used primarily by staff, with 81% of users being female. Additionally, 60% of users used the station more than once, and 90% of the usage was from repeat use. This indicates an incredible level of customer satisfaction and the fact that we are solving a real pain point. It is particularly important to stay connected while on duty in high-stress environments such as hospitals, where communication and accessibility can make all the difference.

4. High Utilization Rate: Our grab-and-go chargers have been used an average of 30 times per user. With 30% of users using the station more than 10 times and 4% using it more than 100 times! It was also interesting to note that the pick usage for the charging stations was around 6 pm. It indicates that employees were using them during the end of their shifts when their devices were low on power. It's worth noting that the charging stations were used equally during the night and day, thanks to the 24/7 nature of hospital operations. Our service is needed every day and every hour of the day. Therefore, investment in phone chargers in a hospital environment has an incredibly high ROI, and equipment has a maximum possible utilization rate.

chart of usage of battery on the basis of hourly & weekly
Electron-to-Go usage patterns at IMC

Challenges with phone charging stations for healthcare and Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in providing phone charging services in hospitals is the availability of outlets. Hospitals are busy places with a high demand for power, and finding an available outlet can be challenging. Another challenge is the risk of infection, which can be a concern when multiple people use the same charging station or cables. Finally, there is the cost of providing charging stations, which can be a significant investment for hospitals.

There are many different types of commercial phone charging stations for smartphones on the market today, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. We created a questionnaire that will save you time and help to identify what you need by answering just five questions: "Questionnaire: find a suitable phone charging solution."

Types of commercial phone charging stations include:

  • Charging dock stations with multiple outlets and USB ports: These allow multiple devices to be charged simultaneously using USB cables. Users have to bring their cords. And have to stand around which is not optimal.
  • Charging kiosks: They have multiple charging docks with built-in cables.
  • Multi-device Locker. To use a mobile phone charging locker, the user inserts their phone into it and locks it with a key or a code. The phone is then charged while it is securely stored in the locker. Some contain UV-C lights in every locker to sanitize phones.
  • Wireless charging stations: They may not be the most practical option for hospitals for a few reasons. First, wireless chargers may require hospitals to drill holes in the tables or purchase separate tables, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, if customers are required to stand around while their phones charge, it may increase the risk of infection if people congregate in close proximity. Furthermore, hospital patients, staff, and visitors are often on the go and may not have time to sit down and wait for their phones to charge.
  • Our Electron-to-Go self-serve smart portable charger station: Portable charging stations like Electron-to-Go are a more practical solution as they are portable and can be used on the go without the need for people to stand or sit in one place for an extended period of time. It requires one outlet but multiplies it since it has multiple portable chargers. This is a fully automated solution that is controlled by software. Users can use an app to check out charged and ready-to-go portable battery phone chargers with built-in cables. The software controls the return and will notify users when the charger needs to be returned to the station. We provide reports to help businesses track usage and monitor performance. Our solution requires minimal effort to manage and maintain and is offered by many businesses. Hospitals can optionally charge users via our app or provide the service for free. Users will be reminded to sanitize the charger once the station ejects it and they retrieve it.

Overall, we think Electron-to-Go is the most optimal and affordable option available. It has been proven effective in a real-use case at Intermountain Medical Center Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Types of commercial phone charging stations


Phone charging stations are a crucial addition to modern hospitals, as demonstrated by our experience at Intermountain Medical Center NICU. They offer patients and their loved ones a sense of relief and comfort during their hospital stay, as well as provide a much-needed distraction from the often-stressful environment of the hospital. They also play a vital role in emergency preparedness, helping patients and staff to stay connected with their support networks and reach out for help when they need it most. It is clear that the benefits of phone charging in hospitals are numerous and cannot be ignored. Consider a proven and optimal solution Electron-to-Go self-serve portable charger station .

How Electron-to-Go Phone Charging Station works