What is the Supernova?

It is our charging station.

What is an Electron?

It is a single portable charger.

How it will charge my phone?

Each electron has built-in cable for both iPhones and Andriod Type-C ( but not for micro USB).

Is it wireless charge?

No. Current Wireless charging protocols are inificient and shorten your smartphone battery cell.

What type of phone can an Electron Charge?

Apple iPhone from iPhone 5 model and Android phones with USB Type-C connector.

How fast can I charge my phone?

Depends on your phone capabilities. Electrons can charge your phone up to 2A, which is 1% per minute for most of the phones.

How much charge I can get?

Depends on size of your phones battery. Electron capacity is 2700mAh, which is approximately 70-100% charge for most phones.

How do I know if an Electron is charged?

Press the red button on Electron and you can see LED indicators on back side of Electron. 3 or 4 LED ON means Electron is fully charged.

Where can I return my charger?

To any avaialable for return spot that you can find on our map.

What happens if I don't return an Electron in time?

If you are daily user we will charge you $1 a day and after 3 days, we will elevate your subscription to monthly and charge you $10. If you are Monthly subscriber, you have up to 7 days to return the Electron, after which we will elevate your subscription to annual and charge you $60. If you are Annual user, you have up to 7 days to return after which we will suspend your acount untill you return the Electron.

What happens if an Electron is lost?

We will charge you $40 fee, but if you are Annual subsccriber the fee is reduced to $20.

What happens if I break an Electron?

Depending on damage, we will charge you fee up to $40.

What do I do if the Supernova does not respond?

Wait and try again. If it's still not working please contact us by: support@electrontogo.com we will respond ASAP

The Electron doesn’t work, what should I do?

Return the Electron to the station and get another one. If this is the only Electron on the station, return it and get it again. If it's still doesn't work, find another location to get Electron on our map. Sorry for the incovinience. Report the poblem to us with electron ID and get bonus points to your rating.

What if I’m in another city & can’t return the Electron?

Contact us: support@electrontogo.com

What is Juize Inc?

Juize Inc is our legal name.

My Electron got too hot. What shoud I do?

Unplug and wait for couple of minutes and plug it back in. We do not recommend to charging your phone in your pants pocket.

How many Electron™ batteries can I get?

Only one but pick up and return as many times as you like

How long can I keep the charger?

Please return every within 24 hours. See User terms for detail on your plan

Why do I need to add a payment method when I have a promotional code?

To ensure the return of the Electron™ battery to the station

Does my plan Auto-Renew?

No, you must manually renew each time

What if I don’t like the service?

You have the first two weeks to get a full refund of your Monthly, Semester or Annual subscription.

How do I get my refund?

You can cancel your plan on payments page (https://electrontogo.app/payments). Only first time subscriber can get a refund.

If you didnt find you answer please contact us.